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    Regular Expressions

    apocalipsis19 Level 1

      Hi Community!


      This is not exactly a CF 8 question but rather a question about regular expressions. I am currently working on the httpd.conf file in ISAPI URL re-writing and I am having a hard time getting rid of text that shows after a "?" in a URL.


      This is my regular expression:


      RewriteRule ^/robots\.txt.*$ /\?.* [L,R=301]


      Please note that i the URL to be re-written I am using \?.* so it reads the ? with its alternate meaning opposed to meaning "pass a parameter"


      If I have the url:




      It redirects to my homepage but it keeps the text blahblah in the re-written URL. This is obviously going to cause problems with the indexing of my pages and the "spidering" process.


      Does anybody have some thoughts?