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    .flv not appearing in browser - EMERGENCY!

      I've seen this posted in multiple forums, but still can't figure it out. And my client wanted this by Thursday!
      I have an .flv that I brought into flash to use as a progressive download, saved the swf file.
      I placed the swf in dreamweaver. It's visible in my local browser. I uploaded the swf, original .flv and AC_RunActiveContent.js. Nothing is visible but the black background of my .swf.
      You can view this at:

      To try another way, I loaded the .flv as a flash movie into dreamweaver. (even though I don't want the skin.) Same results - works locally, blank page on upload. I uploaded Clear_Skin_1.swf and FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf which were created by Dreamweaver at the same level as my html page.