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    how to create an additive dissolve

    Frédéric Leclair Level 1

      How do I create an additive dissolve in After Effects ?


      I found this link, but I'm not convinced of the result or I may be doing it wrong...!?



      Thank you.

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Perhaps try setting your background color to white, setting your top layer's transfer mode to "add", and animating your opacity to be a cross dissolve. As for timing, you may want to start the fade out of your bottom layer after you have already started the fade in of your top layer.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Effect --> Channel --> Blend, used in 32bpc mode with "Lighten only" should exactly give the desired result. Using the layer modes nad animating opacity should of course also work, but may not be possible when the layers are stacked in odd ways. and then of course there's CC Composite and Solid Composite being able to do something similar intra-layer.



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              Frédéric Leclair Level 1

              Using BLEND in 32 bpc gives me the yeallow ! triangle with the notice that this effect only supports 8 and 16 bpc and might cause color degradationby diminuishing color precision and remove any high dynamic range value if used in 32 bpc.


              Do I you it any way or can 16 bpc do same thing for additive dissolve effect ?


              I'm using CINEFORM PropectHD if that impacts anything, the actual footage is CFAVI AspectHD 8 bit low.