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    Problem with click="clickme(e:Event)" for Buttons

    Jens Eckervogt Level 1

      Hello guys,


      I have same problem with event.


      Like this my Flex project without Air. I am using with Visual Studio 2008.


      Now i have made that code:

      <mx:Button id="minRestorBtn" x="10" y="40" click="AppMaxiRestore(e:Event)" label="Restore"/>


      And code AS3:





      function AppMaxiRestore(e:Event):void




      if(minRestorBtn.label = "Restore")





      else if(minRestorBtn.label = "Maximize") {





      But it shows error:

      Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id
      1084: Syntaxfehler: rightparen required of colon. mytestapp/src mytestapp.mxml :

      What is that colon?  Has Flex Builder a Bug? Or problemw with AS3?


      net.snakemedia.ws = My new swf2exe applications named "SnakeMedia Widget Studio", library will to parse or to call with Visual Basic 2008. I am sure while Visual Basic can to call with ExternalInterface. Do not worry! I am working...

      Thank you for answers.


      Regards, SnakeMedia