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    Color Management With Flex 4 Beta


      I'm working on an image viewer using the Flex 4 beta. I'm having trouble getting images to display in a color-managed way in IE and Firefox on my PC. In Safari on my Mac, everything works fine. I've set the color management attribute in the <s: application> tag, and I see a difference with it off and on on my Mac. But on the PC, regardless of how I set that attribute, it looks like it does on my Mac when I set the attribute to off. Is there some additional thing I need to set to get color management to work on my PC browsers? I have the latest version of Flash 10 installed on both.

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          Mort54 Level 1

          A brief clarification: My app so far is coded solely in MXML and compiled with Flash Builder 4 Beta. I'll be adding some action script later, but at this time I simply have an MXML-defined app. For color management, I've set the colorCorrection property of the <s: application> tag to "ON". This works when run in Safari on my Mac, but doesn't work in Firefox and IE on my PC.

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            Mort54 Level 1

            Doesn't anyone know how to turn color management on using the SPARK MXML framework for Flex 4 Beta? Probably a better way to ask it is whether anyone knows how to turn it on for browsers running on PCs, since I seem to be able to enable it just fine within Safari on my Mac.


            Anybody from Adobe hanging out here? Is it possible that the colorManagement feature in the new SPARK framework isn't fully implemented yet for PCs?

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              owik Level 1

              Hi, I did not try the new color correction yet. But the Flex langref says: "      Color correction works only if the main monitor is assigned a valid ICC color profile, which specifies       the device's particular color attributes."  - maybe this is the problem on some Windows PCs...