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    need help with this project


      im new in here.
      im not new to flash animation but kind of crap in actionscript.

      iam doing this project where there is a countdown timer which shud ring a bell at the end of the timer.

      i found a premade project of this which was editable and did sum editing according to wat i needed.

      da actual project didnt have a thing where a bell rings at the end of the timer but instead it keeps going in minus values.

      i did sum editing in the action script and was able to work it out where at the end of the time the movie is changed to the next scene.

      this is where the problem is.
      this changing happens not always. works sumtimes but sumtimes doesnt work!!

      below is the action script that is used for the timer part.

      the code which has been bolded in the attached code is the part which i added to get to the next scene!

      can n e one solve this??

      this is kind of urgent k!

      thx to everyone in advance!!