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    CS4 - ALT Drag & markers

    Fritz71 Level 1

      Recently upgraded to CS4 from CS2, & seems now markers don't 'carry through' from one comp to another when using ALT drag to replace footage.

      To explain, say you have Comp A, and have added a load of composition markers. Now drop Comp A into a new Comp B, and markers appear on that layer as expected.

      But if you amend timings of comp markers in original Comp A and then click & clear all markers on Comp A's layer in Comp B, & ALT-Drag Comp A from project panel onto 'itself' you don't get the new marker position displayed (or at least I don't)


      Always worked in CS2. What gives??? Use this (ex) feature a fair bit.

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          I think this would be the expected behavior, since replacing an item by alt-dragging really means the new item inherits all settings.


          There is a probably easier way to do this, though. Select Comp A nested in Comp B, point to an existing marker, right click and choose "Update Markers from Source". This will replace all markers for the Comp "layer" with the Comp-time markers nested inside the Comp.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As explained, for newer versions this is expected behavior. In older versions it couldn't work this way, because the number of markers was limited, so existing ones had to be updated to reflect changes. This no longer applies, as the number of layer markers you can have is now about 1000 or so, so naturally alt+dragging will add new ones while retaining the old ones.



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              Fritz71 Level 1

              Thanks guys - ALT drag DOESN'T work but the 'Update Markers' on right click (which I'd missed!) is perfect