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    Media Browser not seeing mapped network drive


      We have a client that is having an issue that I cannot reproduce in our facility. They are running Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.01; there is a networked drive that all 8 of their NLE's connect to to edit content, however none of these NLE's see the mapped drive in the Media Browser. Windows sees it just fine, and I can access it all day long.


      They are running Windows XP 32 and 64bit systems, which is what I think the problem may be.


      Any input is greatly appreciated, as I cannot for the life of me find a way to force a location to show up in the Media Browser.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I have a number of mapped network drives as well and have no problem accessing those with Media Browser. Admitted, Media Browser is much slower that Windows Explorer, but no problems here. However I'm running Vista 64.


          In the past when I was still on XP 32, I never used Media Browser but had those same mapped drives and never had a problem accessing files through Windows Explorer. I still have not grown accustomed to using Media Browser, I still use Explorer to drag and drop files or use the import function.


          See the example below:


          11-06-2009 20-36-12.jpg


          What may make a difference is that I use at startup a login script (VBS) that maps all these drives to their designated letters and I have made a slight adjustment in GPedit.msc where I set the key for Wait for the network to be ready, or something similar.

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            Andrewmham1 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response,


            We're approaching it from the networking angle now...our in house NLE

            (running with an Axio board) is on the same OS as their systems, and it

            works...very strange.


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