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    Flash builder 4 unit tests


      So I'm using FB4 for the ease of creating unit tests however, it keeps on adding the flexunit.swc from the plugin folder of my FB installation. I want to use the flexunit.swc that I dled from opensource.adobe. Can some one tell me which version of the swc is the most uptodate(I think its the one from opensource.adobe) and how to turn off FB4 from keep referencing the flexunit from the plugin folder (because the plugin folder one does not have some features the other one had).

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          FlexBuilder Beta had FlexUnit 0.9 version of FlexUnit swc.


          Whenever you create a new test case class or testsuite we will automatically attach the FlexUnit swc. So the ideal way to use the new swc is to place in the location from where the FB picks up the swc so that you can use the feature of the new swc and still get the FB integration feature.


          The sample  location is <C:\Program Files\Adobe\FB Beta >\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.flexunit_xxxxxx\flexunitframework\version3libs  or version4libs


          You can bakup the swc available here and place your new swc in this location.

          If you have your custom test relatd swc's which you would like to add for your testing, you can place the same also uder this location.




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            progenitor01 Level 1


                 Thanks for the reply. Can I assume that when flashbuilder 4 becomes release, the library that's used will most likely be the newer version? because the newer version is completely different than the old and seems more robust?Thanks

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              RaniKumar Level 2


              Yes FB will have FlexUnit4 integrated. you can find the details of the feature from  http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-18873. We would like to hear from your more about your experience with this feature ( and ofcourse your new expectations also   )