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    Fixing one thing, breaking another: 24p clips from OnLocation in PPro

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      While Adobe managed to "fix" the 24p pulldown removal for tapeless clips (ie. 1080i/24pA from an HVX200), they just jacked the workflow for OnLocation:


      When clips are first imported (notice the frame rate of the files, and how the Remove 24p pulldown is checked automatically):



      And after unchecking 24p option:


      This makes me nervous... I have to use this tomorrow. When I tested it last week before 4.1, everything worked as it should. This is a joke...


      And here's another one: the timecode read by OnLocation from the camera isn't what's recorded to the file!


      Do they NOT bother AT ALL to test their *expletive* before it's released into the wild?