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    missing command?


      Hi all:


      I have inherited maintaining a website and have some website experience, but not much Flash experience. I have a problem that I cannot figure out.


      Our site has a team photo. When you click on a specific person in the photo it will show information about them on the side.


      We have swapped out the photo with a new one and have a new person in it. I cannot seem to make the click on the photo marry the information for this new person. There seems to be one or two steps that are missing so that the two do not connect.


      I have been copying and pasting what is existing in order to duplicate what was already built for us and use it for the new person.


      Does anyone have a clue as to what coding or instruction will make the two meet? Is there a specific command in the coding that I should be looking for that makes the click on the photo point to the info section?