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    Best way to animate a flow of symbols?




      I would like to create an animation or step motion, in which a long row of mixed symbols flow or sequentually jump from right to left. The position in the middle should be emphasized by increasing in size. (And it would be great if the "used symbols", after the enlargement could be dimmed or desaturated)


      Think of the concept as karaoke text, or the track in guitar hero...


      The row below describes the desired appearance/function. Stage = [ ]


        cow   dog    [ cat   cat   CAT   dog   frog ]   frog   cat   cow   ...   cat


      The number of different symbols is limited to ~10, and the number of symbols in the row are ~200. Of course it doesn't have to be one long row, since only 3 or 5 symbols are visible at the same time on stage...



      How do I set up something like this? Should I use scripting?

      I'm a newbe and need to know what key words I should google for?

      Is it possible to set this up in some smart way so it can be replicated with other symbols and in different order?


      Please let me know if you have some tips, key words or tutorials that covers this situation.




      Kind regards,