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    Chapter Numbers incorrect

    Pambear Level 1
      I created a test project with one topic "TopicA". The topic is not tagged. Then I created 2 books and placed "TopicA" in both books. I tagged one book's TOC as "User1" and the other book's TOC as "User2".

      When I generate the Flash version, for User1, the correct book displays. But when I generate the Printed version, both books display....the same with User2.

      So I have to create a duplicate of TopicA and tag one as "User1" and the other as "User2" before placing under their respective books. Then all works fine?

      Is there an easier way?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I created a one topic project. Two books in the TOC, both having the one topic in. Created a printed document. It showed both books and the topic was in twice.

          Is that not what you want?

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            Pambear Level 1
            Peter, the problem I'm having is getting the same sequential Chapter Number (assigned to Books on the TOC) in the Printed Version as I do in the Flash Version. In essence, does assigning a build tag to a TOC (as opposed to the topic itself) not apply when creating a Print version?

            Here is how the project is set up:

            1 topic
            2 build tags (mutually exclusive)
            4 SSLs (Flash version and Print version to display each build tag). Each Flash and Print SSL excludes the other FLash and Print SSL.
            2 Books on TOC each containing the one topic

            Now, right click on each BOOK and apply a build tag (do not apply the build tag to the Properties of the topic).

            Generate a Flash SSL and the related Print SSL and notice the difference in the TOC:

            The Flash version will contain one TOC and one topic.(RIGHT!)
            The Print version will contain 2 TOCs and with the same topic listed under each. (WRONG!)

            It's really difficult to explain without images...If you saw it, you'd understand immediately!

            Thanks for your help!
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              So post some screenshots somewhere!

              Google - share photos