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    Need help from an Adobe employee


      Hello, I pray someone can help me.


      Recently I have been trying to work with Adobe's customer service call center to get my company's copy of Adobe CS3 Web Premium suite re-serialized and this has become an absolute nightmare. I first called them aroung mid May, near the 21st, told them my problem and they said once we faxed them our proof of purchase, it would only take a day or two to receive our new product registration key. I faxed the P.O.P. that day. Four days later, I still did not hear a response so I called back, and they said they never received it, so I resent it on May 26th via both fax and email, and this time they did receive it, and told me that now it should only take 24-48 hours. Another 5 days went by with no response so that following Monday (June 1st) I called them, and told them what was going on, and they apologized and said they will take care of it promptly and said I should have the serial key we spent almost $2,000 on by Wednesday the 3rd at the latest...but I got nothing. I decided to try to give it a bit of time, so I waited a week, and when I called them I got the same reply, but then when I mentioned that one of the reasons I need the key is so my company can spend more money on the CS3 to CS4 upgrade, he said that in that case, he will upgrade my case to "top priority" which apparently doesn't mean anything, because I've called back twice since then, and they just keep telling me it will take 24-48 hours and I have not received a single thing from Adobe. It has been almost an entire month and i still have no received the serial key I was told should only take 24-48 hours to receive. I need help from somebody at Adobe to straighten this out as soon as possible, I can not perform my job as a graphic designer without this software. I have become very frustrated from this entire ordeal, the customer support "specialists" have not been helpful or even friendly (shocking, I know!) and I am sick of these people giving the same apathetic B.S. answer every time I call, for people hired to help me they could obviously care less. I can provide someone from Adobe my user ID and case number if needed, and you can reach me either via phone 8AM-5PM PT at 253-395-3631 x6606 or via email at jprice@winest.com


      Thank you

      John Price