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    Javascript Error when viewing LanguageRef in Blueprint

    DustyJ Community Member

      Windows XP

      IE 7 - Up-to-date

      Flex Builder 3 Pro

      Blueprint 1.3.0


      I have "Javascript Errors" turned on in IE, and I get the following error when I load any page from LanguageRef:

      blueprint error.png


      I would like to attach a video of the error, but it won't let me attach f4v, even though it says below that "All file types are allowed except..."

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          Hello Dusty,


          Bug noted!


          Those JS errors are coming from the loaded iframe, and the only way to get rid of them for you, for the time being, is to turn Javascript Debugging off in the IE Preferences Panel. I understand that is not ideal, but at least it will let you use Blueprint without interruptions. We are working into ways to get around that. Thanks for letting us know.




          Marcos Weskamp

          User Experience Designer

          Adobe Systems

          • 2. Re: Javascript Error when viewing LanguageRef in Blueprint
            jrunrandy Adobe Employee

            Hi Dusty,

            I'm not positive, but I think you will see the same error when:

            1) You have all JavaScript debugging options enabled

            2) You are using the Eclipse internal browser

            3) Do Help>Search or Help > Dynamic Help to bring  up some Flex classes in the panel on the right

            4) Click one of the classes


            Not much consolation, I know. We have a bug for this and hope to nail it down in Flash Builder 4.



            Randy Nielsen

            Flex Doc Manager