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    Saving form field data with Adobe Reader and Java script.

      We would like to create some customized PDF documents with pre filled form  fields for our customers. The documents will also have extended Java script  functionality to check some entered data and to save the form data to a local  disk.


      Our customers will need to click on their personalized link on our web page  and then download a pdf document with personal pre filled form fields  specifically for that customer.  From our site the PDF file will be dynamically  created and partly filled out with our web application. (The application uses an  external PDF library for the pdf creation).


      They would then need to be able to edit the form fields and save/export  them as a pdf whilst offline.
      The saving/exporting of the data should be implemented by the extended Java  Script functionality (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/js_developer_guide.pdf). Once the data has been edited they will send the pdf file directly back to  us.


      The issue we have is with regarded to teh EULA for Acrobat Reader. If we  create those documents with an external application is the user allowed to open  those PDF files with his Adobe Reader without breaking the Adobe Reader  Restrictions in the EULA for the Reader?  (http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/pdfs/Reader_Player_AIR_WWEULA-Combined-20080204_1313.pdf, chapter 3.2 Adobe Reader  Restrictions)
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is not a question that really pertains to Reader. I don't even think that Acrobat will fill the need you have. I'd recommend asking the the LiveCycle forum. But I am unsure which product or products you would need. You might be best off trying to hire someone that is well versed in the LiveCycle products, since this is not a job for the casual user.

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            Niels14 Level 1


            the problem which I have pertains only to the Adobe Reader. Because

            our user will use Adobe Reader to open our pdf documents but it looks

            like that the EULA for the Reader doesn't allow the user to open pdf

            files which have the extended option to save data out of the form

            fields unless!! this feature was created by an adobe product. But I

            created the pdf file not with Adobe. So I don't want our user be punished...

            It is actually a question of the law? departement of Adobe. But there

            is no Forum for that

            Or could you please forward my forum question to somebody of this department.

            I don't want to publish a product where the user breaches the EULA

            every time they are opening it