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    PCI-X, its support and graphic card arrangement


      Doing the paperwork for a new editing system, which aims to recycle an IBM server, I unfortunately realized that Adobe CS4 doesn't support anymore graphic cards, which use PCI-X. Well, even though AJA still produces the Xena 2k also with PCI-X and plug-ins for CS4, it really seems to be a dead end now. Is someone out there who uses the AJA with PCI-X? If so, with which graphic card?

      Well, in any video editing arrangement, it is essential to have at least (1) one proper class 2 monitor, in order to see the result. If I would use an high end card for the video output, such as the AJA Xena 2K, why do I need to spend additionally properly even the same amount for a graphic card such as NVIDIA in such a constellation? I just want to see on (2) displays the time line, the footage within my bin... Do I miss something?