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    filling in imported image

      So, I had a building layout that was in Visio, and needed to be able to color code the space. Laborious in Visio (crappy drawing tools). So, I saved the image, from Visio, as a .png and opened in Fireworks. By happenstance, I clicked on the paint bucket and clicked within one of the "rooms" of the "imported" Visio soure and, voila! It filled in the room quite nicely. So, I kept going -- all's well. Then, I started tinkering a bit and, now, it doesn't work anymore. If I have the paint bucket selected and click on the image, it fills the whole thing, no longer finding/understanding the underlying image borders.

      I don't know what I did; but, now can't undo it. I've closed and reopened Fireworks. Deleted and reexported the Visio drawing -- nothing works.

      Any ideas? I can now select the rooms with the wand tool (which finds the borders of the rooms) and switch to Paint Bucket and fill the resulting selection. But, I'd sure like to be able to just click with the bucket and have it "find" the existing borders.
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          Try saving/exporting the Visio file as an AI file. Once you have that, import it into a new Fireworks Document. You should then be able to select the different rooms with the white pointer and change the color with the color-chip in the properties inspector at the bottom of Fireworks.

          When Visio exports a PNG, it's a flat file just like a JPEG, not a Fireworks PNG.