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    [AS][JS] Add watermark to PDF

    Kevin Parrott Level 2


      I have been trying to add a water mark to existing PDF's using Adobe Acrobat Professional (8.1.3) OSX 10.4.11 ppc with AppleScript 1.10.7 & Adobe Acrobat Professional (8.1.3) OSX 10.5.7 intel  with Applescript 2.0.1, using Applescript and "do script" for the javscript command, this has worked well on 10.4.11 but fails on 10.5.7 with the below error.

      tell application "Adobe Acrobat Professional"
         do script "this.addWatermarkFromFile({cDIPath: '/Applications/watermark3.pdf', nOpacity: .1);"
             "Adobe Acrobat Professional got an error: \"this.addWatermarkFromFile({cDIPath: '/Applications/watermark3.pdf', nOpacity: .1);\" doesn’t understand the do script message."

      I have been discussing this with pandrake over at MacScripter  who has offered up many suggestions and  pieces of code to try to solve this issue, all of which have boiled down to trying to figure out how to coerce AppleScript 2.0.1 strings into 8-bit text.

      attached is the link to this discussion for code and further info on my issue


      My question is does any one no how to solve this issue?, if so could you please help.

      cheers for any help