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    new project from source code

    Foxchx Level 1

      I am trying to install a new project from a source code i have my problem is that i want to change the names but i don't understand flex builder on that level.


      I guess my workflow is wrong because usually i create multiple instances of a project so that when i mess it up, i can continue on another instance but because i don't understand the naming policy of Flexbuilder, i never manage to create another instance of the same project!?

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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          You can use F2 to refactor your app, I really don't understand what you mean

          by flex naming policy.

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            Benji2008 Level 1

            I guess you want the give the new project the same name ? but that is never possible

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              Foxchx Level 1

              i just need a little reassuring on the way to understand that part (well flex as a lot of these little parts without explanation but that's one that really bug me)


              When using flex builder i need to create a project....Oh!, no wait, I need to create a workspace! then a project then decide on many little settings...


              THe SQL databse end up somewhere like [C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\crazyflexapp\Local Store]


              My work space is say [P:\@AIRFLEX\_workspace\crazyflexapp\]


              My AiR app install say [C:\ProgramFiles\AIR Examples\Exercise\crazyflexapp\]


              It's all a bit confusing don't you think, especially if there's a program (FlexBuilder3) That don't allow duplicate of name?


              And because i am starting i  am using existing source code, so i never know if i need to addapt and MXML code because it might refer to the wrong folder name or location?!


              Is there a blog anywhere giving the answer to all that in a nice little comprensive explanation?\



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                Michael Borbor Level 4

                Change the source path. In the Project properties.

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                  Foxchx Level 1

                  Well i was just pointing out the complexity of it all... here's a visual of what i don'tv really understand





                  Now you seem to be saying that i just need to change the sourcepath and that would fix my problems!?!?




                  I don't see how i can change the name of a project to fit the source code i have....


                  Actually i tried manyways but nothing work....


                  I can make the source code work but only if use the same names as the SC was made under...


                  (for the record, i am using the source code from the adobe employee directory)