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    [JS IDS CS4] pasteRemembersLayers howto

    René Mølsted Level 1


      I'm trying to have IDS remembers paste layers.

      I have the following in a script that being launched at startup:

      app.clipboardPreferences.pasteRemembersLayers = true;

      That produces the following error:

      ERROR     [server] JavaScript Error!
      Error Number: 55
      Error String: Object does not support the property or method 'pasteRemembersLayers'
      File: /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS4 Server/Scripts/startup scripts/SetPastePrefs.jsx
      Line: 6
      Source: app.clipboardPreferences.pasteRemembersLayers = true;


      Anyone have an idea how to get IDS use pasteRemembersLayers?