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    How do I create an admin install point


      I work for a rather large company in an environment where new pc's are constantly being introduced to my network.


      I am required to ensure all these new pc's be updated to the newest version of Adobe Reader.


      I currently have Adobe Reader 9.1.0 and the patches 9.1.1 and 9.1.2.


      I would like to be able to combine 9.1.2 into the 9.1.0 install, thus making a full install of version 9.1.2.  This eliminates the process of first installing 9.1.0 onto new pc's, then turning around and installing the 9.1.2 patch right behind it.


      How can i do this?


      Thank you


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          kashifMohd Level 2
          1. On local machine, create a source folder containing a copy of the Reader 9.1 MSI installer (say:  "C:\Reader9.1").
          2. On a network share, create a folder ("Reader_9.1") where the installer can install the uncompressed      program files.(eg. \\servername\foldername).
          3. Click Start, click Run,      and then enter the following command: msiexec /a "C:\Reader9.1\AdbeRdr910_en_US.msi" and hit Enter.
          4. When you receive a prompt asking where to install the files, browse to the distribution point you created in step 2 i.e. \\servername\foldername.
          5. Click OK. When the installer  finishes, all program files will be at the distribution point, ready



          To install patches over this:


          1. Copy 9.1.2 patch to "C:\Reader9.1" (9.1.1 patch is not required, I think 9.1.2 contains all fixes from 9.1.1 and can be applied over to 9.1
          2. Click Start, then click Run, and then type CMD.At the command prompt, type the following: msiexec /a “\\servername\foldername\AdbeRdr910_en_US.msi" /p "C:\Reader9.1\<9.1.2patchname.msp>"
          3. If it asks for a folder name then give it  \\servername\foldername
          4. Click on Finish when      installation is over.


                    Your AIP is now patched with 9.1.2 which is the latest version.



            Hope this helps.


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                Xecros Level 1

                That is helpfull, and it may end up being what i do, but it wasn't exactly what i was looking for.


                Following your directions, i now have a 100+ meg folder with everything in the MSI package and MSP patches, extracted out into it.


                What i would like to have is, a single file patched to 9.1.2  that i can push out to my pc's for installation.


                or in other other words, take the 9.1.0 msi file, patch the file to 9.1.2, and then having a single msi file, patched to 9.1.2 ready to push out.


                Can this be done?

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                  kashifMohd Level 2

                  I don't think there's a way to create a single patched msi file. How do you intend to push your installations to PCs.

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                    kwardle21 Level 1

                    Follow the steps outlined here to create an silent auto install for 9.1 w/ the 9.1.2 patch included. It's worked well for our organization.