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    Problematic Grid

    generalbatzorig Level 1

      Hello, I am new to GoLive. I have a GoLive from CS2. I wanted to set up a layout with gridlines, but so confused. I read from other members of this forum that in order to set up gridlines, I have to go to Basic Objects tool and the first thing would be the Grid Tool. But on my Basic Objects the first thing is Layer tool. I drag this tool and there is a box and no grids. I go to the Layers Pallette and go to the small arrow on the right side and click <Convert to Layout Grid>. Then it opens up a new Untitled.html page with visible grids on it. It seems like either I am not doing it right, or there is something wrong with my software. What I want to have is just a simple visible gridline on the page that I am  working on. Not on another page.

      Thank you for sharing.