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    Labels reset after server issues.

      We're using Robohelp HTML 5.0.2 with RoboSourceControl 2.3.10060

      Up until about two weeks ago, all was working fine. Our help files would launch with the tabs labeled appropriately and bringing up the appropriate pages (Topics, Search, and Index) upon activiation.

      However, for some reason, it's all gone to pot. The help file launches with the default page, but in the navigation bar to the left, all tabs just launch with a generic "Label." Clicking on them performs no action. However, if I click on the links within the launch page in the right hand screen, I can go to those pages. But nothing ever shows up in the left-hand navigation.

      Robohelp screenshot.

      Our sysadmins tell me the files on the server have not been moved. The files are in a directory contained in a Content Management System, but it should be acting independently. They're still in the same location at which Robohelp is pointing. So, basically, has this happened to anybody else? I'm sure this has something to do with our server environment, just hoping that somebody else has had the same problem and can point me in the right direction.