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    Weird behaviour of flash player runnig in Firefox, Only with IDN domains


      Hello. I've been a couple of days trying to find out why my loadVars, XML load or even a simple loadVariables didn't work at all in a new web where the domain has international charset (IDN).


      The website worked fine in a test hosting under a .com domain, with no problem at all. The load operations work as expected.
      But when i decided to test the web site in the .es domain with international charset (IDN) the load operations such LoadVars, XML load or loadVariables didn't work at all (in the other hand, the LoadMovie/loadClip operations worked fine).


      I use to work with mozilla for testing and development so i thougth it was some sort of error in the code. But when i opened the the webpage with IE, Chrome, Opera or Safari the website worked as expected.


      After a few tests with Flash/Swishmax  to see what was going on, i tried a little script (both in Flash 8 professional and Swishmax 2) to check what was the domain name the flash player was "resolving". The simple script:


      var my_lc:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
      dom = my_lc.domain();
      texto.text = dom;


      usig a dynamic textfield to show the result.

      In Opera, Safari or Chrome the textfield showed the unicode representation of the domain
      In IE it showed the punycode (IDN) domain name. You can see both domain names in the next image


      But in firefox i get this weird response as domain name:


      I tried to use the full path in the load operations with both the punycode and unicode domain name but nothing seems to work with Firefox: it fails to load the data.


      See it in action at: http://www.xn--pasteleriacampaa-lub.es/buggy.swf. Open the url in different browsers.


      Any ideas how to solve this? May be is it a bug?