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    Timeline Navigation


      When making custom components, you can end up having a lot of different states within the component - thus the potential for many different transition combinations.  Many of my state names get cut off in the timeline window.  The window can be expanded by dragging, but the timeline names to not expand.  They remain cutoff, making it harder to find the particular transition combination I am looking for.


      Also, is it just me, or does anyone else have an issue with the light gray/gray track and thumb colors for the scroll bar in the workspace.  I find myself getting mixed up.  Would like more of a contrast.  Just food for thought.


      Lastly, and this may sound like a dumb question - I am quite sure that a full ecommerce website can be designed strictly with FC, but I am wondering if this is the best practice?  ie., should I design a full website with FC, then send it over to FB to hook up the data?  The reason I ask is that an ecommerce site can have a lot of pictures in it.  If you design the whole site in FC, it can be a pretty sizeable file, right?  Does this mean the whole site would need to be loaded at runtime, or can it be broken up after sending it to FB?




        Thanks for a great product

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          I too was curious about DB integration and e-commerce sites in FC?

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            Yes, it seems like I can do a really great design FC, but my concern would be if the end result would be too large of a file size.  For instance, I have started the design of an ecomerce site and have used a simple photshop image for a header.  Even after optimizing the graphics, the fxg file size is already 1.86 MB.  I do not have any other pictures in the site yet since I have been concentrating on designing components for navigation, but I have plenty of pictures that need to be included in the future.  I am not sure if I should design the whole site via FC (this is preferable as FC is very user friendly), or if I should just design the components, send them to the FC library, and subsequently drop them into an FB-designed site as needed.  If I can design the whole site via FC, how would the size be reduced in FB?  Wouldn't it be one large file?