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    Flex in a Week videos are not working

    Vinod Tyagi

      Hi All,


      Flex in a Week videos in offline mode(http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/) are not working. I have tried a lot on IE, Firefox and Adobe media player, but could not succeed.


      Error message are as follows -


      IE and Firefox : The video you are trying to watch is currently unavailable. Please check back soon.

      Adobe Media Player : Downloading failed


      Kindly help here.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Stefan Gruenwedel Adobe Employee



          I followed the steps in the "Want to view Flex in a Week videos in offline mode" section of that page was able to load the entire Flex in a Week series flawlessly. One thing you could try doing is viewing the XML link directly in your browser:



          If you click one of the Video links, does the Brightcove player load the video in the browser? If you click the media file link, does the browser attempt to download the FLV? If you can do these things, then Adobe Media Player should be able to use the feed properly.

          Also you should make sure you have the latest Adobe Media Player version 1.7, although I got it to work in Windows, where I have ver. 1.6 installed in Windows and ver. 1.7 installed in Mac OS.

          Here's the documentation site in case you want to read more about Adobe Media Player:



          Once you load the XML file, you'll need to stay online long enough for the videos to download to Adobe Media Player. I tried this by turning off my Internet connection. For some of the videos that had already downloaded, they played fine. For those that had not downloaded yet, there was a black screen with white text: "Playback Failed: There was an error while playing this video."

          When you look at the Flex in a Week screen of episodes in Adobe Media Player, the ones that have downloaded fully show a green arrow icon next to the thumbnail as well as the total running time of the video next to the episode date. (If you click the Options tab, you'll see an explanation of that icon.)


          Hope this helps!