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    Fireworks CS4 Preview (F12) Won't Work Correctly


      I am using FW cs4 and have a problem. When I hit F12 , it lauches the browser but nothing shows up. In chrome there is a tiny little red broken image icon, similar to the little red x in IE, In firefox it just shows noting.  I am trying to use one of the menubar presets #4 I did notice somthing. THe file type is a .png when I saved it to the root folder but when I hit f12 and right click on the little broken image icon to save as it says it is a .tiff. I dont know if the preview exported image is a .tiff and the browser cant read it or the little ion is the .tiff. 


      I really need a little help here. I need the preview functionto work properly, I have done every search I can think of, to no avail.