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    Change of transitions


      Hi again all!


      I would like to change of transition type. There is just one type of transition for appearence of a component, is it possible to do like on Microsoft PowerPoint (for example) with a chekckerboard transition, for example.


      Thank you for your help^^

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          You can add various effects to your timeline to create different transitions.  For example, use a Fade effect (stretched out over time -- use the Smooth Transition button to do this automatically) to have the component fade out.  Or use a Resize to have it shrink down to a pinprick.  Or you can use Rotate 3D to spin it until you're viewing it edge-on (so it's just a vertical line), followed by a quick Fade out to make it fully invisible.


          There's not an easy way to create a checkerboard effect, but here's one way to fake it: If you have a solid-colored background you could put a bunch of rectangles on top of the item that appear at the start of the timeline (do a quick Fade in, or Set Property visible->true), then resize until they fully cover the item.


          Hope that helps,


          - Peter