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    Settings for YouTube upload: screen size?


      We're installed Premiere Elements here at the public library so that the deparmtent heads can record DVD & book reviews. The program works fine, and I like the built-in support for YouTube uploading in the 'Share' panel, but I don't understand why the finished product is rendering with a black frame around all four sides of the live area, shrinking it by 25%. Is this a setting I can change?



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          ian@greathugethings.com Level 1

          Now, I see that with the video embedded above, it looks like a conventional letterboxed video. The effect I am describing can be seen on the original page (link to YouTube).

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            What is your Project Preset, and what are the Frame Size dimensions on your YouTube Export settings? You are correct, that it looks like Letterboxing, which leads me to believe that there is just a mis-match between your Project's Frame Size and your Export Frame Size.


            Also, as YouTube keeps changing many aspects of their delivery, it could well be that the included Preset is now outdated, and one would need to customize the Preset. I do not have direct experience with YouTube presentations, so I hope that others can pinpoint the issue and offer a simple fix.


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            BTW, you might want to reduce the gain on the intro music a bit. I found it too loud on two machines, compared to the dialog. I'm guessing a bit here, but I'd say that it was about +3db above the dialog. As a general rule of thumb, I always pot down any Menu Audio (for DVD), or intro Audio about -3db relative to the Audio on my main movie. It helps "ease" the audience into the movie, and no one is grabbing for the volume control, only to then find the dialog too low.

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              ian@greathugethings.com Level 1

              Regarding the intro music: Thanks. That suggestion make ssense to me, and I will take it when I post the revised video(s).


              Regarding my presets: I'd probably just be wasting your time if I bored you with what my presets are at; instead, why don't I jsut ask for advice, since I'm the one who's out of his depth here.


              I'm shooting on the library's hi-definition camcorder, which delivers .MTS files at 1080i (for what resolution is that shorthand, anyway? 1920 x 1080, I think), and my primary end product is going to be YouTube (or another online provider). What project settings make sense for me? For that matter, what is the best export format for intermediary steps (allowing me, for example, to make a standard "intro" block) - AVI? QuickTime?


              I'm running WindowsXP with a couple of GB of RAM - basically enough RAM that if I'm not running any other programs, Premiere Elements is rendering these hi-def files. Any suggestions for workflow and project settings will be appreciated.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                OK, here is a fairly recent ARTICLE in the PrPro forum. Look down to Dan Issacc's reponse.


                As for doing a "canned" intro, for use in other videos, I would create these totally separately, and then Export to AVI (Uncompressed). They can then be Imported into PE for inclusion in each new Project. The files will be larger, but their Duration shoiuld be short enough that that will not matter. There are two other free CODEC's, that feature lossless compression, but I am not sure how well PE will work with either Lagarith, or HuffYUV.


                In the SD days, things were a lot easier, in that one just would Export these to DV-AVI Type II, and all would be handled. Now, with HD and several major flavors, things are not so easy. Paul_LS does a good deal of HD work, so he might have a better idea for you.


                Good luck,



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                  ian@greathugethings.com Level 1

                  Thanks - that totally answers the question about a canned intro.


                  Do you - or does anyone - have advice regarding the best PE presets for input = 1080i / output = YouTube?

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Although YouTube is a moving target, since it's constantly changing its specs, the FAQs to the right of this forum offer some great solutions.