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    9.0.2 Dynamic Link (Unsharp Mask) Problem

    tclark513 Level 3

      Every time I use the filter unsharp mask on a clip in Premiere and then "replace with After Effects composition" After Effects starts and asks to save the project and then as soon as I scrub the timeline After Effects crashes with the errors:


      crashed occurred when evoking effect plug-in "unsharp Mask"


      The second error right after that one is:  crash occurred while invoking rendering plug-in "AE_Open GL"


      The third error right after that one is: After Effects error: crash in progress


      Can someone try to reproduce this?


      I tried deleting the Unsharp Mask Filter and everything worked ok.  I then put Unsharp Mask back on the clip and then turned OFF open GL in After Effects and it worked ok.  So it has something to do with the "Unsharp Mask Filter" conflicting with Open GL.



      Nvidia 6800 xt  (Tried both old and new drivers)

      Vista Ultimate 64bit (SP2)


      P4 3.4 ghrz

      4 gb ram



      This issue did not exist with 4.0



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Are you able to send a crash report when the mishap occurs? This would greatly help the engineers. If that's not possible, perhaps you can give us some info/ screenshots about the layer order, effect stacking and what footages are involved. I won't exclude that the bug fixing on DynamicLink in 9.0.2 has broken otehr areas, but it may just be something specific on your system. It's not the newest one and especially OpenGL is quite sensitive at times...



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Please send bug reports to aebugs@adobe.com. You can include a project with your bug report.

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              tclark513 Level 3

              Thanks for your responses.


              Unfortunately I am not at my editing computer now but I can tell you that I am only using normal Mini DV footage captured by Premiere.

              It happens with Unsharp Mask on the clip with no other filters so there is no stacking order.  Just the dv clip with Unsharp Mask applied.


              I know my card is a little old but I though with just mini dv I would be ok.  It worked fine before the latest update.



              P.S.  Also the bug where After Effects can't link to the clip "when using replace with after effects composition" is still there.  I still have to link the clip back to the original.