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    AS2 / XML


      I posted this earlier in Data Integration but that forum seems to be a bit quiet so I thought I'd try my luck in here.


      I've an XML file with data for job recruitment (position, location, salary, etc.). In my flash movie I have a scrollpane in the first frame of the root timeline which imports the position and location of all available jobs from the XML.


      What I need to do now is allow the user to click on one of these jobs and take them to the second frame on the root timeline which also has a scrollpane that will load in further details for the appropriate job from the XML.


      I'm sure this is pretty simple stuff but my actionscript knowledge is poor and I can't find anything in any of the tutorials I've been reading. Any suggestions or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          show your current code that parses the xml and populates the scrollpane.  actually, you probably should be using a list component.

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            BrianStapleton Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, kglad. Here's the code I'm using:


            vacanciesXML = new XML();


            vacanciesXML.ignoreWhite = true;


            vacanciesXML.onLoad = function(success){
                if(success) {
                    var depth = 0;
                    var nextY = 25;
                    count = 0;
                    var root = this.firstChild; // The root node
                    for(var i = root.firstChild; i != null; i = i.nextSibling) {
                        jobMC = attachMovie ("jobclip", "job" + count, depth ++, {_y : (nextY) , _x : (1)} );
                        nextY += jobMC._height - 1;
                        jobMC.jobPosition.text = i.childNodes[1].firstChild.nodeValue;
                        jobMC.jobLocation.text = i.childNodes[2].firstChild.nodeValue;
                        count ++;
                        jobMC.btn.btntxt = "Read More";
                        jobMC.onRollOver  =  function(){
                        jobMC.onRollOut  =  function(){
                } else {
                    trace ('Error reading XML');



            Here's what the file looks like. Could I achieve a similar design with a list component?


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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              where is the scrollpane and what's its name?

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                BrianStapleton Level 1

                The scrollpane is in _parent


                It's called myScrollPane1 but it's not referenced in the code because this code is in a movie clip which has been loaded into the scrollpane

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  that's not the intended use of the scrollpane but if your rollovers work you should be able to use an onRelease:


                  jobMC.data=store the data needed to be used in the next frame






                  and in the next frame use moreGlobalData to populate your scrollpane.

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                    BrianStapleton Level 1

                    Thanks kglad. In the next frame, I now have the following code:


                    detailText.text = moreGlobalData;


                    Is that correct? Please excuse my noob-ness but I'm getting "undefined" in the text box when I export the swf!

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                      BrianStapleton Level 1

                      Actually, it's ok - I got it!


                      I just needed to put "_root." before "moreGlobalData"


                      Thanks so much kglad!

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                        kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        you're welcome.