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    License problems on already purchased ebooks


      I recently purchased two ebooks and downloaded them to Digital Editions on my home computer and used the anonymous activation option.  Not realizing the limitations of anonymous authorization, I then decided I wanted to read these ebooks on my computer at work, so I installed Digital Editions, but I chose the Adobe ID authorization option instead.


      I went back to my home computer and authorized it using my newly created Adobe ID, hoping that it would tie my ebooks to my new Adobe ID instead, which it didn't because I had already activated that ID on my work computer (did not know this at the time).  So now I was left with two ebooks that I could not read anymore.


      I used Ctrl-Shift-D to de-authorize my home computer and went back to the anonymous authorization so I could read the ebooks again, but no luck.


      So to make a long story short, I have two ebooks that I cannot read anymore on the same computer that they were originally tied to.


      Am I completely out of luck or can this be fixed?


      I would greatly appreciate any help.