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    Proper syntax for email function including a repeat region

    zzipper7 Level 1

      Hey Guys, a fellow ADDT developer and myself ran into a odd challenge recently and was wondering if someone knew a shorter answer.


      LET ME BE CLEAR..I’m not looking for a suggestion, we have resolved the problem..we ARE LOOKING FOR PROPER or shortest FORMAT.

      (we used a submit redirect to a php page that used the “Send Page Section”  and then redirected back..the email looks great)


      This may be a mood point since ADDT is going away but, until then, we feel this will be an useful post because quite often you may have multiple products to email from your SQL statement.


      With that said. We used the send email function on submit.

      1.       Our email content was a HTML content file. Since it was not a php file our repeat region obviously did not work.

      2.       We substituted the HTML file for PHP (just for giggles)..no joy

      3.       We tried regular content as a string..no joy




      We know how to get single rows with the  {table.column} format…but we need to list all undetermined number of products/rows.


      So how would the string or function re-write look  if you needed a repeat region.



      emailContent (“ this” . ‘does’. “work”);  regular string

      emailContent (“ this” . $var   . “work”);  regular string

      emailContent (“ this” .   do{  $row; } while( xxx = xxx)  . “work”);  DOES NOT WORK

      emailContent (“ this” .   while( xxx = xxx)  {  $row; }   . “work”);     DOES NOT WORK




      I assume the conflict is you can’t have a function like DO or While in the string….but I also can’t use a php include file.

      There must be a shorter, cleaner syntax that won’t require an advanced set of arrays or for each???


      so  how would a nice clean example of  repeat region results  inside email content, or include file for email contnent, look?