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    HD Audio/Video Sync Issue




      I have a JVC GY-HD200UB camcorder and am capturing via firewire through adobe premiere pro CS4’s capture utility using the standard 720p 24 NTSC Widescreen settings. I have no problem capturing the footage in HD. When I go back and play the captured files through Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player, I have no problems with audio sync (all video was recorded at 720p 24fps, and 48k audio).


      However, when I import the video into Premiere Pro, I get an audio sync issue. I last imported 6 HD clips that I captured through the Premiere Pro Capturing utility. The clips play correctly, but for some reason the audio does not sync with the video. It seems to quickly grow out of sync and by the end is more than 5 seconds or so off of a clip that's only 3 mins long. I tried adding a conversion factor and slowing down the audio by a couple of % increases, but it doesn’t seem to sync up in all areas (it feels like it's randomly losing frames, but again it plays fine in WM Player and other video players).


      I thought it was just lag in the program, yet when I export the files, the audio is still out of sync.


      I had the same issue with PPro 2.0, which is why I upgraded, thinking it was software related. Excpet PPro 2.0 would give me random video framerates and CS4 has seemed to have the framerates under control, but the audio sync is still a problem.


      This is very frustrating, because I can’t find an easy fix or any information about the problem. Could anyone shed some light on this issue?



      Windows XP Professional

      Dual Core 2.6 GHz

      4GB DDR2 Ram

      500GB 7200rpm Seagate (no RAID)