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    onRollout not working 100%


      If I roll over the button tweens from alpha 50 - alpha 100%.  If I rollout it goes back to 50% via a tween.  If I click and hold and or I click very fast and move the mouse away from the button the rollout fails.  It keeps the picture at 100%.  Is there a way to stop this from happening.


      Basically with the mouse button held down and moving the mouse off the button prevents the rollout from working properly.  How do you fix this?

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          Rothrock Level 5

          That is because if you hold the mouse down and move it out you don't have a roll out event happen -- you have a drag out and/or a release outside.


          So depending upon exactly how you want it all to work you will need to define a handler for either or both of those events.

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            chewbears Level 1

            Good to know roth!


            So what are those commands : P


            Like onDragOut?  I think I can google that one but what about onReleaseOutside:  P


            Maybe I will get lucky in my googling !!!



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              Rothrock Level 5

              Well you could google, but Flash help is so much easier.


              I'm guessing you know how to do onRollOut, something like this:



              //do something



              The new help system takes some getting used to, but if you can find the AS 2 Language Reference section and then find the MovieClip class you can see all the properties, methods, and most importantly for this, the EVENTS.



              A really cool thing that you might not know is that if you wanted onDragOut to do the same thing as onRollOut you could do this:



              // do something



              I'm going to leave onReleaseOutside for you -- I can't take all your fun!


              If you have problems post back.