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    Vertical Scroll Bar Listener

    Jake Lyman
      I'm guessing this isn't possible, but I'm not willing to give up yet!

      I've got a datagrid that occasionally has a vertical scroll bar. Whenever the scroll bar shows up, it crops one of my columns. I know that datagrid columns cannot have percentage based widths, which causes the issue I'm having. I thought the workaround might be to add a creationComplete function to the datagrid and then set the datagrids width using that. There is just one problem, the datagrid does not "see" the entrance of the vertical scrollbar. So when Flex is setting the width of the datagrid internally, it's not accounting for the scrollbar.

      Hope that makes sense. What I'm hoping is possible, but have been unable to find any documentation on is to somehow listen for the scrollbar which would allow for something like the "code" below.

      Any thoughts on this? I really appreciate any and all help.