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    Is Adobe a real company or a scam operation?


      We have been "in the process" of getting an FMS 3.0 license refunded for 6 months now, and every time we call to inquire why what the last person it would do has not happened, we get the run around. We have been told numerous times (I would say over 5) that the money would be returned to the card in the next 72 hours... The first of those was months ago. We have emailed and/or faxed all documents at least twice.



      This is now past the point of being ridiculous to being insulting.


      Before you ask, the reason we need a refund on a FMS license is because the Adobe sales rep taking my original order messed up. They said they needed to redo it, and that I could just ask for a refund of the first, erroneous, order.