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    Help with Video Effect: 'Impuls' Zoom




      Im currently working on a Project and I have this one Effect that I would really like to put in the cideo, but im not sure how to do it. The Problem is that I also dont really know how you call this effect, this makes the search for an answer pretty hard. I will try to explain you my wanted effect the best I can:


      What I want to do it to have a Impuls like Zoom in and then Zoom out again. I want to you put it equal to the bass in the song so its really just suppose to do a quick zoom in and zoom out when the big bass comes. Im pretty sure that this is probably really easily done, but Im actually fairly new to premiere Pro Cs4 so I would really apriciate it if someone could gove me a quick but hopefully problem solving answer.


      If you have any questions on how i mean this effect or some other imformation just ask .


      Thanks a lot.