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    Keyboard Short cuts missing


      I recently installed CS4 Production Premium on a new computer runing Vista 64 Home Edition. When I call up Premiere the program seems to run alright but I have no Keyboard Short cuts.

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Welcome to the forums.

          Absolutely none?

          What do you see when you look in the keyboard customization dialog?


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            ralefande Level 1



            and when I try to switch to avid or FCP short cuts there is nothing there

            either. I am suspicious of the installation. It took a very long time to

            load  and I had to load some programs individually. I am wondering if this

            might  be Vista 64 related

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If you have not done a Repair Install, that would be my next step. One just goes through the normal installation process, but when the installer has been initialized, one chooses the individual programs from the suite. Next, the option to do an Uninstall, or Repair Install should be available. Remember, this is about the 3rd and 4th step in the process. You don't get to Repair Install until then. In my experience, the Repair install is quite smart and will survey the installed application, updating, adding or correcting anything missing or corrupted in the original installation.


              Good luck,



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                Averdahl Level 4

                It seems that the installation stalled for a couple of seconds at Disc 2, hence the lack of keyboard shortcuts. The only solution is to un-install Production Premium followed by re-installing it. A repair installation wont fix the problem.


                I have seen this two times on different computers and with two different set of install DVD's. This has happened earlier with Adobes install discs...

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                  ralefande Level 1

                  First as some one new to the forums I’d like say how impressed I am with how quickly people responded to my question. Thank you.


                  There were two recommendations, one to reinstall PP and the other suggested this wouldn’t work and said I would have to uninstall CS4 and than install fresh. In the interest of science I decided I would try to do a reinstall first, if that didn’t work, I could always do a complete uninstall/install later.


                  In brief the reinstall seems to have worked and successfully restored key board short cuts.


                  For those interested in the details.

                  The first reinstall produced a BSD, followed by a reboot that ended with operating system not found.

                  Second attempt to reinstall seems successful

                  During the reinstall that disc progress report jumped to disk 3 although I hadn’t changed discs.

                  After 13 minutes the install program asked for disc 2

                  Disc progress lists disc 4 of 5

                  Overall progress 79%

                  11 minutes later installer asks for disc 3

                  Disc progress reports disc 5 of 5

                  Over all progress 95%

                  8 minutes later list of successfully installed components.

                  I mention the times because the total time to reinstall PP was 32 minutes. This seems like a long time. Perhaps this is normal and indicative of nothing.

                  I don't know if the discrepancy between the disc label and the intall progress report is of any significance.


                  If it is important I am working on a Prostar laptop with an i7 2.93 GHz CPU and 6 Gbs Ram. Vista home 64 bit.


                  Thanks again.