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    ColdFusion 8 and C++ (Possible?)

    Ratsnackbar Level 2
      Does anyone know of any good tutorials, books, articles or otherwise available resources that might discuss how to communicate between ColdFusion and an existing C++ Application? Or has anyone ever worked on such a project and could tell me what the difficulty level is, where problems occur, was it worth the effort?

      I do not even know what this application is or does yet. I am just told the developers don't want to rewrite it in a language more suited for the web. So I am flying blind here. The ultimate goal is to develop a Web GUI (Likely in Flex) to an existing system that is currently written in C++. It is very likely we will need a middle-ware layer to act as a gateway and handle business logic and the database connectivity for things such as User Authentication and Authorization, general configuration and likely for LCDS. ColdFusion is the logical choice to easily work with Flex but only if we can marry it to the C++ back-end without much difficulty.

      I have not worked with C++ in about 15 years. If I take on this project I may very well find myself having to blow the dust off my very rusty C++ skills just to get the the point where I can define if it is even possible. Before I do that though I would like to take a look at some examples and get an idea of how difficult it might be to see if it is even worth the effort.