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    help with create motion tween


        I am new to flash and using c4 how do you create a motion tween? when I insert keyframe in frame 28 then I click on the object and create motion tween but when i click in 60 to insert keyframe I get opition of position, scale, skew, rotate ect. I just want to insert keyframe. What am I doing wrong? I just want the ball go across th screen. The book says you should get an arrow between 28 and 60 when you do it right. Help

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          Hi there,


          The book you are using is probably for an earlier version of Flash. Flash CS4 has a new way of creating tweens, and it's quite different. Instead of creating an animation between two objects, you are essentially animating the various properties of one object. There are numerous benefits to animating this way, as it offers you a lot more control over the object.  It can also be easier.


          To animate something across the stage, all you need to do is:


          a) Right-click the instance and choose "Create Motion Tween".

          b) Move the playhead to the frame where you want the tween to end, and then drag the instance to that new location.


          You will see a line with dots across the Stage -- that's showing you where the object is tweening. You won't see an arrow on the tween span anymore (this is something in other versions of Flash, or "classic tweens" in Flash CS4).


          For a bunch of short tutorials in all the different aspects of animation, see these articles here: