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    Weird compilation issues

    BorekB Level 1

      I've already brought this up in another thread (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/444691) but I think it deserves discussion of its own.


      What I'm seeing in FB4 on my AIR 1.5 project is some sort of compilation issues. The worst thing that happens from time to time is that FB4 would be compiling constantly, going from 0% to 25% and then back to zero again. Opening the progress tab and clicking stop is the only way to exit the never ending loop. Fortunately, this doesn't happen too often.


      Another issue is with speed. FB4's compiler is supposed to be quite faster than FB3's - or so I understand. Maybe I don't see any gains because I still use SDK 3.4 to compile my projects but at least I would expect FB4 to be on par with FB3 here - which it unfortunately isn't. My suspicion is that something gets compiled twice because for a single compile-time error, I usually see 2 lines in the Problems view (they both display exactly the same message).


      Also, sometimes I temporarily see a compilation error in a generated class like _MyProject_Application123.as (sorry, I'm not sure about the name but it has some underscores in it). I even needed to do a "Clean" to get rid of this error which never happened in FB3 (I've never seen a compilation error in generated class before). As with the first issue, this doesn't happen too often, here I would even say very rarely.


      Something doesn't seem to be quite right with compilation in FB4. Just to share my experiences..