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    install air app


      I am new to AIR so please bear with me if I have not understood a basic.

      I have packaged an app into an air file. I have edited default_badge,html to install my air file as described in the developing adobe air 1.5 applications with flex 3 chpt 35. Then copy the ameneded html file, badge.swf, AC_RunActiveContent.js, myApp.air and a jpeg to a windows XP machine running IE7.

      Open html in browser. Text of Download application, and requires AIR to be installed - Mac or WIndows. Browsers says click if want to run activeX.

      Allow ActiveX - get jpeg displayed with Install Now.

      Click on this and nothing happens - AIR is not installed and my app is not installed.

      Does start if I use the text displayed before allowing ActiveX.

      What am I doing wrong?