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    posing a question to those well versed in building Flash training applications

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      I would like to start an off-line communication chat with those of you who are well versed in Adobe Flash or Adobe Flex.


      I've worked with Cold Fusion but I am not up to date on all the technologies available.  This seems like the perfect forum for this question.


      I simply want to build an application (web or desktop is unknown) in which a person can learn a foreign language, in this case English.


      I need some technical advice as to whether Flash, Flex, or a combination of technologies (Cold Fusion for server side functionality) is the best choice for this application.  I do not understand the technical aspects of Flash or Flex in building applications so I need the advice of you experts.


      As with most foreign language textbooks, audio, or foreign language video training, the material is not interesting, not pertinent to daily life, and is great for late night insomnia.  I've never seen any type of foreign language training that is interesting, fun, or uses current events as part of the curriculum.


      I would like to illustrate my idea with an example.  I want to use an existing English beginners textbook (for kids), scan the images in the textbook, store the content (rules of grammar) in a database and store example sentences in a database.


      I would like to record basic audio sentences from the textbook (Do you know tomorrow's weather), incorporate some animation (baseball player hitting a home run), incorporate some basic video (purchasing an item at the grocery store), add a quiz, test question or puzzles, etc..


      In addition, since this is a classroom setting and the kids are split into groups, I would like to store a seating chart with the kids names and pictures in a database.  After the first segment is finished (e.g. purchasing a toy at the store) the kids next perform an activty.  I want to use a combination of audio, video, and animation to explain the activity, give instructions, split the class into groups,and perform the activity.


      As I mentioned before, I would like to start an off-line discusion for those of you who are willing to share some of you knowledge and experience with Flash and maybe Flex.  Since you are extremely busy, maybe you might be able to point me in the right direction.


      Hopefully, some of you can provide some sound technical advice.


      Thanks in advance

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          by offline discussion are you asking to meet in person or via phone?

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            thank you for your reply


            the best answer is email or chat.  I use Skype and google talk.


            the reason is simple.  I can probably guess that we are at least 10 time zones from each other.  I am currently in Tokyo Japan; just moved last year because of my Japanese wife.


            Meeting face to face is virtually impossible and the time zones make a telephone call impratical.


            My English training idea stems from the fact that kids in Japan study English for 6 years.  This is mandatory.  After 6 years of studying any subject matter, you certainly should know it fairly well.  In Japan, the education system stresses grammar, not conversation.  The kids can read and write English fairly well, but can't speak much English.


            This seems extremely strange; judging by the high level of science and mathematics taught in school.  The system of English education is extremely broken in Japan.  Everybody laughs when I tell them learning to read and write a foreign language is more important that speaking the foreign language.  Well, that's how it is in Japan.  I am making it my personal quest to break this broken system and give them something that is sorely needed in Japan.


            Anyway, that is too much information about what I am trying to do.


            If you can point me in the right direction, I would be eternally grateful.  I also forgot to ask how Adobe Captivate might fit into all this.  I notice Adobe carries a suite of e-learning products.  My idea is to be interactive and fun, not so much a slide presentation look and feel.