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    Dynamic Images

    Steven Atkin Level 1


      I'm trying to create a personalised gallery, so far it's going ok.  What I have is 9 thumbnails, which load an image with an invisible button linked to the button which loads a larger version of the image to the side.


      What I would like to do is then click on the larger image and have this pop up in a new window so that the image is loaded on it's own and can be downloaded etc;


      My thumbnails are loading as follows...

      loadMovie("gallery1t.jpg", thumb1.image);


      Then when I click on them , I get it to load the medium sized image into the larger image holder.

      thumb1.button.onRelease = function() {

          loadMovie("", portrait);

          loadMovie("", landscape);      caption.text = "";


          loadMovie("gallery1m.jpg", portrait);

          caption.text = "Caption for image 1";

          MyVar = "gallery1l.jpg"; };


      How would I then get the image on my flash page to know what image it is showing and then open gallery1l.jpg when clicked.  The full sized image.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can probably use a similar invisible button approach for the medium sized images.  For each thmubnail you would have an associated medium and large image.  So when you click on a thumbnail, it assigns a variable the file name of the large image.  The invisible button that you have sitting over the medium image will use that variable and getURL to open a web page for that image.

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            Steven Atkin Level 1

            Yeah, that worked.  I've found a few other things whilst looking at doing this and now pass the picture number to both the medium image and large image.  I've got it opening up fine now.

            Thanks very much Ned.