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    HELP!! NEWBIE - Dynamically load jpg images - NEWBIE Question.


      Newbie here.


      Im currently making a flash website. and trying to make it as light as possible.


      so decided to load images dynamically.


      Im using UILoaders.


      I drag the UILoader from components into the main timeline and set the source as 1.jpg, because the image is in the same folder as the .fla file.

      and scale - false


      Tested the movie but nothing shows up. i guess i need some coding? but i dont know where to add the codes. on the same frame? or in frame 1?


      i also need the image to fade-in.


      the end result im looking for is, as i click a button. 3 images show up at the same time, fading in.


      Help, greatly appreciated.


      and thanks in advance