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    Defining a component width using CSS

    João Saleiro



      I am using CSS to completely define the layout of my applications. I was able to remove all layout coding from the MXML/AS files (which is great!!), except one minor thing - which, unfortunately, is very important -: component size (width and height).


      I can define positioning and "some" sizing using constraint layout  (left="10", right="10"). But there are some cases where I need to explicitely say: "I want this component 10 pixels far from the right border, and I want it to have 100 pixels of width, no matter what happens with it's container size". In those cases I am forced to put "skinning" code in the middle of my MXML, which sucks.


      Isn't there an easy way to set component dimensions using CSS? I find this a major problem with skinning applications using CSS. Or is there another proposed solution?




      João Saleiro