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    Digital Editions - Non-Stop Frustration




      I used to purchase video game guides from a site online called Direct2Drive. Well yesterday I purchased one to find that they are now required to use Digital Editions. I installed, created an account, and.... I can't open the file "URLLink.acsm" I was getting HTTP 500 errors for the majority of the night. I have discovered that if I empty my cache and restart my machine I can sometimes connect to the DRM site.


      ANYWAYs- I have a new error now:


      "This document cannot be opened on this machine.  Please contact the site where you obtained the document to download another copy."


      I have redownloaded about 30 times, after reinstalling all of my adobe products, after cleaning all my temporary internet files, after double checking my information on the websites to make sure they match. Does anyone have any hints?


      Also, one last thing: How does Digital Editions verify my identity? I mean does it electronically ask Direct2Drive if my e-mail address is the same? Does it check my name? What exactly has to match so that I can open the doctuments I download?




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          I tried the "unblock" trick that I found on this forum to no avail. I also found the direct link to the PDF inside the .acsm file and downloaded that, but the DRM would not recognize it either. I cntrl-alt-d'ed and re-registered Digital Editions in case that it did not recognize the first time.


          None of these tricks worked... Any others that I haven't thought of?

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            curiouslyminty Level 1

            Well... I locked myself out of the single book I have gotten to work with this god-forsaken piece of software. Apparently I have reinstalled too much, it tells me "too many activations" now when I try and start up Digital Editions.



            X( Good grief. Anyone know how to get my lone book back?

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              Im also under your same cincunstance... There's  a NEED to avoid this problem! I need to work!

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                I have had this to happen to me three times now and there isn't a set way to remedy the problem.  I now understand why people don't want to use this software.  I have done everything from posting on the forums to calling the customer service number (language barrier in communicating with representatives) to contacting Sony since I have a Sony Reader.  Nothing is quick and it is never the same to fix.  There are thousands of people with this problem so you would think Adobe would have an interest in making a viable solution quick and easy for the user.  Had I known this was such a problem, I may not have purchased the Sony Reader.


                If anyone can help with this  "Too Many Activations" error code 2023, please let me know.


                I REALLY dislike Adobe for this poor service.