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    Inconsistent text rendering after effects


      I noticed that there is as occasional slighty loss in quality after effects are implemented on text.  It occurs more when the text receives increasing effects implementation.  Since, I am passing the text through multiple effects, I thought maybe that was the culprit.  But even isolating one effect to a SimpleText class, I get a bit of a blur.  After about 7 implementations, I get something like the images attached The blur is more prominent as the text is smaller, but happens less occasionally.  Is it maybe just my machine?



      Screenshot - 6_13_2009 , 2_44_53 AM.jpg Screenshot - 6_13_2009 , 10_20_59 AM.jpg



      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <!-- at/NestedButton.mxml -->
      <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"
                     import spark.layouts.supportClasses.LayoutBase;
                     import mx.events.EffectEvent;
                     import spark.effects.Rotate3D;
                     import mx.effects.Rotate;
                private function rotateText():void{
                     var rotate:Rotate3D = new Rotate3D (textF);
                     rotate.angleYBy = 360; 
                     rotate.duration = 500;
                     rotate.autoCenterTransform =true;
                     rotate.focalLength = 1000;
                private var fontsize:int = 12;
                     <s:VerticalLayout gap="10"/>
                <s:SimpleText text="Sample Text" fontSize="{fontsize}"/>
                <s:Group id="textF" effectStart="{but.enabled=false;}" effectEnd="{but.enabled=true;}">
                     <s:SimpleText text="Sample Text" fontSize="{fontsize} "/>     
                <s:Button id="but" click="rotateText()"/>